Our Story

Hillsberg Company is a family-run business, specializing in the design and production of durable and stylish handmade leather bags. We started in 2011 when Ryan realized the difficulty in finding quality leather goods made in America when searching for archery armguards for his kids, leading him to hand-stitch his own leather version. From there, Ryan began making wallets and outdoor adventure bags. Over time, Ryan--who is entirely self-taught--perfected his skills and continued to challenge himself to make better, more sophisticated products. Several years later, his efforts evolved into the creative husband-wife duo making the unique bags you see today.

Production Methods
We use the highest quality leather for our products, providing a classic look and feel that softens and beautifies with age and use. Each rivet is hand-pressed using a vintage cast iron rivet tool.  We carefully select each leather hide in person and hand cut straps and bags from our own designs out of the whole hide.  We use a leather industrial sewing machine and also hand-stitch with waxed sinew thread.  We edge coat each strap and bag by hand and use a branding iron to heat press our logo into the leather.  Scratches and scuffs only add character and warmth to this beautiful leather, ensuring your gift will last for many years to come. Because no two pieces of leather are identical, each product is unique.  Hillsberg Company is based near Seattle, WA.